Motorcycle Heat
Loose Id

 Lisa Gibson didn't mean to cause the crash. When she lifted her tank top and flashed her breasts from an Annapolis sidewalk at the hunk riding by on his Harley, her wild impulse seemed like harmless fun. How was she to know he'd lose control of his motorcycle, hit the curb, and land at her feet?

Now Santa Fe cop Antonio Alvarez wants compensation for the bump on his head--in the form of a Motrin from Lisa's purse and her company over a stiff drink. It's the least she can do for making him miss his visit with his midshipman brother. Though Lisa hates cops she takes a chance and slides on the back of his Harley--riding into the most erotic adventure of her life.

In the dim glow of a secluded harbor bar Lisa and Antonio's attraction ignites some very naughty public behavior behind the privacy of their table. They think no one sees them, but security cameras record their bold sexual encounter in crisp detail. When the videotape is lost, Tomas Alvarez and his girlfriend Crystal Diamond, a stripper at the Tongue & Cheek, join forces with Lisa and Antonio to get it back.

But if Lisa's womanizing, just-dumped ex-boyfriend Rick Bennett has anything to say about it, the video will make Lisa the Internet's next porn diva. How will they stop this ruthless blackmailer?


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